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Corient’s clients have a variety of backgrounds, but they all share the common objective of fulfilling the potential of their wealth and its impact on the lives of their loved ones.

We work closely with ultra-affluent clients who have experienced some type of wealth transformation. It may have been driven by the success of a business or the sale of a company or intellectual property. It may have been the result of an inheritance, succession planning or a corporate action. Whatever the catalyst, we help our clients sustain their lifestyle over time through the prudent management of their assets and liabilities. Moreover, we help them to create a meaningful legacy and pursue any philanthropic goals.

Our ability to help clients manage their challenges and priorities lies in our team’s proven skill

in understanding family dynamics, individual expectations, varying timelines, and specific roles in legacy preservation.

By nurturing an in-depth relationship based on personal attention, genuine respect and unwavering commitment, we work hard to become your trusted advisor.

Among these sample profiles of the clients we serve, you’ll see diverse backgrounds and varying wealth catalysts, but a single, fundamental goal of our clients: the wealth they are responsible for must endure – whether it’s the legacy for the generations to come, the endowment to extend a charity’s mission, or the cash flow to sustain a company’s balance sheet.

The Entrepreneur

Corient serves Entrepreneurs who launch and manage successful businesses by translating compelling ideas into valuable assets. You may have started in your garage, or your van. You may have launched an apparel line or a software company. You worked every day and every night and you took an idea and a ton of risk and went “all in.” But it wasn’t a gamble, it was a passion. And your vision, your heart, your soul made it a success. Corient understands this mindset, because we get involved early on with you, before you have a company and intellectual property to sell. We help prepare you for a liquidity event, to ensure you receive maximum value. And, as with everything we do, there is always planning: corporate structuring, taxation, estate planning, investment banking opportunities, and more. Entrepreneurs weather storms to get to their payout days; we know, because we’re there, every step of the way.

The Executive

Corient serves Corporate Executives who lead publicly traded enterprises and have amassed wealth through equity ownership. You have built up a key division, or an entire firm. You took it public, or you were brought in to increase shareholder value. You’re loyal to a fault, and stand ready to bleed for the company. Your reward has been a handsome compensation package. But it’s not without challenges. Corient understands your situation because we specialize in working with clients who have concentrated wealth. We help you manage the risks inherent in concentrated stock positions, by devising hedging strategies and selling solutions. And when the time is right, we help with an exit strategy to sustain your wealth through the next career move or retirement. We also can advise on any investment banking transactions, by marshalling the right third party partners who share our commitment and values.

The Multi-Generational Family

Corient serves Multi-generational Families who look to perpetuate their wealth through sound management and adherence to clear values and governing principles. You were raised to respect your wealth from a different perspective. And now you are charged with ensuring the next generation follows your lead by respecting the need to manage the family’s position wisely and prudently. You see how wealth can enhance and improve, but you’re wary that it can also mislead and overshadow. Corient understands how the true wealth that passes from generation to generation is measured by values and not by dollar signs. We have a long history of working with families who choose to adopt best practices in passing on wealth and passing on principles. From staging family meetings to mapping out succession plans, Corient focuses on showing how wealth, when guided by strong values, can be a tool to build an enduring family legacy.

The Charitable Foundation

Corient serves Charitable Foundations that are designed to pursue their stated missions through proud citizenship, thought leadership, and the smart management of their assets. You are tasked as the Executive Director and challenged to keep the foundation vibrant and alive. You are a volunteer Trustee asked to help oversee the charity’s fiscal well-being. You were drawn to this non-profit because you believe in its mission, you believe in its ability to make a difference. Corient understands your level of commitment, because our founding partners have Board responsibilities at our favorite non-profits as well. We know what it takes to be called on to help, to bring your expertise, and to share in the accountability of a mission that transcends dollars and cents. We have the proven experience with perpetual institutions to provide endowment investing and management, and compliance and governance reporting. We are well-positioned to provide the consultative services to alleviate your financial concerns, so your focus can be on the benefits and positive impact of the mission you support.

The Company

Corient serves Private and Public Companies who need professional management of their cash and fixed income assets in order to deliver superior returns to their shareholders with minimal risk. As the company owner or the division executive, you recognize the binding accountability of ensuring the fiscal health of your balance sheet. From cash flow to short-term investments and liquidity strategies to risk mitigation, you cannot afford to work with any firm with whom you have less than the utmost confidence and trust. As your personal wealth manager, Corient also understands your company responsibilities because we work with small enterprises as well as global businesses, who all share the critical need for smart and reliable cash management. Our primary focus is to establish sound procedures, identify safe investments, and provide transparent reporting, to meet your expectations in planning for your firm’s financial durability.

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